Thursday, December 6, 2007


My little one Zacheus LOVES nutcrackers. Well last year grandma and grandpa got him a nutcracker as tall as he was for Christmas. He loves that thing. We have about 50 nutcrackers as I collect them and most have those locks of curls.

Sunday we were putting up Christmas decorations and I had Ruth in charge of putting out the nutcrackers in the living room. I was working in the music room on putting up the tree. All of a sudden Zacheus came in crying holding his nutcracker.

Ruth....Oh Ruth! She had decided to give them all a scrubbing, some perfume and comb out all of their hair. Zacheus' nutcracker now has an Afro! He was so upset. I think I can buy hair and replace it. I wanted to laugh as it was funny but Ruth should not have done it and Zacheus was so upset.

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