Friday, December 14, 2007


Just got off the phone with Jason a little while ago and the black puppy got sold. The two buff colored males are left and one white female. They are all adorable. $425 and he gives you a written 2 year health guarantee. If you are interested give him a call 712-251-8529. They are part chihuahua and part poodle. (no shedding and dander) They will only weigh about 5 pounds. They are just adorable! He is delivering our little one on Christmas Eve. (he lives in sioux city) He can bring you a puppy too!

We do not get anything out of listing the puppies for him. I just would like to have the puppies in the area. (we could be scrapbooking family puppy photos!) hee hee Jason is a really nice guy too. I have been talking back and forth with him daily. He is opening a pet boutique in Sioux City so you know he will always be around to ask questions and he is so helpful. He has raised dogs his whole life and is very knowledgeable on dog care and training. They are home raised and socialized. This week he took them to his aunts clothing boutique and also the nursing home to be around people.


Vicki C said... are an enabler! I LOVE PUPPIES!!!

alokseow said...

I love these puppies!!!!!!!
Puppies in Delaware