Friday, December 7, 2007

TIP journalling and unused rub on and sticker letters

I use the website to print out lined paper to journal on. I buy 8.5 x 11 Bazzill cardstock and then run it through the printer to put the lines on it. I can then cut that up into journalling cards, tags etc. and it matches my layout beautifully.

Another tip is using the vanishing ink pens. (We sell these) You can draw your lines on your paper and after about 24 hours they disappear. These pens are great also if you want to do rub on letters or stick on one and make them on a curve or in a shape. Draw your line or shape with the pen and then arrange your letters.

Don't throw away all those unused sticker and rub on letters. First I will check and see if I can spell any random sayings like "fun", "play" etc. If I can I will put those words on white card stock and I can always back them with a color that matches my layout when I get ready to use them. I just keep them in a recipe card file.

You can also mix letter styles to create words. It gives your layouts a more artistic look.

Then with all those other letters I keep 2 page spreads of solid card stock and arrange the letters randomly on the paper. You can mix letter types and colors also. It makes one of a kind paper.

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