Tuesday, December 18, 2007


What a day! I had one of those Calgon take me away mornings. First my youngest could not find his book report, then my oldest daughter called me from school to say she threw up (she goes to school at 6:30) THEN....I get in the car to take the twins to school and go pick up Liz and my battery was dead! Needless to say by the time I got to work I was frazzled. We have had customers non-stop all day so I did not get time to even think about my morning any more. It has just finally slowed down I could sit for a minute and get off my feet.

I hear Von Maur is opening again Thursday. I was happy they were reopening as that shooting could have happened anywhere. I love to shop an Von Maur as it is so relaxing. If you have never been in their shoe sale room you have to go. I have trouble getting Liz out of there as for her that is heaven on earth. hee hee

I am finally about done Christmas shopping. I went with a friend Sunday and we shopped until 2:30 am. The only thing we could find open past one was Walgreens. I finished up most of my shopping last night when Liz and Ruth and I went out. I just have a couple guys to get for on my list. I do not like buying men gifts as I never know what to get them. My guys all hunt and are into Nascar so they are a little easier but when they do not have any hobbies it is very hard. If anyone has any idea for the hard to get for guy email me. I hate buying gift cards as I feel like everyone should have something to open even if they do take it back. :)

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