Thursday, December 20, 2007


I feel like an elf. I have made up so many gift baskets and they go as fast as I can make them. Men love them as they just tell us how much they want to spend and what level scrapbooker their gift receiver is and we have it all packed and ready to go when they get here. It has been wonderful to see the mall parking lot full again. I hope the mall out here turns around and is like it was years ago. I used to love to come to this mall. When Sarah Lee and the Chicago Cutlery store went I did not make it out here as often.

The lady that won the Heartland Hop came in yesterday when I was off. I was so bummed I missed her. She was thrilled and got lots of goodies. This time when they do the Heartland Hop I am taking a day off and going with my friends. Everyone that came was having so much fun! They are talking about doing on in the spring. Hang onto your bag just in case they do something special for the "charter hoppers". :)

4 days until we get our new puppy!!!! We are counting down at our house. The kids are so excited. (so is mom) The kids last day of school is tomorrow and then Christmas Break. I wish they had more time before Christmas off to bake and go shopping with them.

Well, I am leaving for the day. Liz has a swing choir concert at 7:30 I need to go to. Have a great evening!

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