Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I would like to introduce you to little Diva. She will be at the store after the first of the year so you will get to meet her in person. She is the puppy we decided on. She is not weaned yet and this wonderful guy I found that lives in Sioux City is bringing her down Christmas Eve to surprise the kids with. Diva has two sisters and two brothers if you are interested in a puppy for Christmas he could bring yours down also.

They are part poodle and part chihuahua. They will be about 5 pound dogs. With the poodle in them, you do not get the shedding or dander/allergies. I would love it if little Diva had her brothers and sisters in the area. Diva is the large photo (tan with a darker face) The other girls are black and white and boys are the two buff colored ones. Price is $425.00 and he gives you a written 2 year health guarantee. If you want his number email me or call me at the store 402-763-9675.

(left) Our little Diva!

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