Thursday, December 13, 2007


I always love the holidays as that is when all of my family gets together and you see cousins and aunts and uncles that you have not seen all year. The kids love decorating for Christmas. We put a tree in every room on our main level and of course a HUSKER tree in the basement rec room.

Nutcracker Collection, when Paul was little he always called them "Bobs". We do not know why but ever since then we all call them "Bobs". Snow Babies: Trev would buy me one or two at Christmas when we first got married.

This Nativity is by Fontanini and it is the best thing for kids. It looks like wood but they are rubber. The kids can play with them all they want. I try to add a new piece each year.

This is the kids tree. I always buy each kid a Hallmark ornament usually after Christmas when they go on sale now that we have 4 kids. (it gets too expensive)

I am a kitchen gadget NUT. So leave it to me to have a tree in the kitchen. I have trouble finding ornaments for this one. I have had the best luck at the Christmas store in the Old Market. If you have never been there it is a must see. It is open year round.

. My living room has a flare of animal print and I do a jungle tree in that room or as my dad calls it the Chaka Khan tree. hee hee

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