Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our son announced to us on Easter that he had gotten engaged at the first part of March. We will be planning a wedding over the next year for our son Paul and fiance' Kaela. Tonight they went to prom and both looked wonderful! I took photos at one of my favorite spots by our house and had them developed and put into and album while they were at prom and dropped it off at Kaelas parents house. It is now almost 2am and I just got the photos onto my computer to share with all of you.

Paul and Kaela will be telling Kaela's parents they got engaged tomorrow (or should I say today) at Sunday dinner. It was a big shock for us at first and it has been a very long week. So hopefully her parents take the news well. :) Now that it is finally sinking in for us we are overjoyed to welcome Kaela into our family.


Below is my favorite photo as if you know my son you know from the look on his face he is fuming mad. Paparazzi mom and dad showed up at prom to catch some pictures of them at the dance. We were only there less than 5 minutes. Someday he will be thankful we got those photos...someday. hee hee :) At least our future daughter in law was smiling as she has to get used to all the picture taking that goes on in our family.

below: Pauls truck has a lift kit on it so poor Kaela could not even get in and out of it with her dress on.

below: Isn't he a handsome guy???

Paparazzi dad at prom. I think if we sneak into Liz's prom we wear dark sunglasses and ball caps.

Kaelas dress was breathtaking! (Elkhorn colors also)

Paul, Kyle and Josh

below: Cinderella shoes

Paul had to carry her to the bridge as it was so muddy out.

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