Monday, March 17, 2008


P U The house smells of corned beef and cabbage. It is so good but smells so bad. Grandma and Grandpa are in town from Grand Island and just left to take the twins and Trevor to Chuck E. Cheese. I had to stay home as I have to get Liz to dance. I had doctors appointments all morning and then went and got groceries and have been cooking all afternoon. I made maple cinnamon scones and lemon poppy seed scones. A chocolate pecan pie, 3 corned beef roasts with cabbage and homemade bread. They opened Harry and David at Village Point and their scone mixes are yummy. Trevor like wasabi beans from there. Everytime we travel there always seems to be a Harry and David there and Target has started carrying some of their items like Moose Munch. I had to stop at World Market and get the kids easter basket goodies. World Market has the most unique easter things. Kirklands went out of business at Village point which was a huge surprise. I loved that store. Rent I am sure is very high at Village Point.

Hope you all have green on. If not *pinch*

I loved the bummble bee's. Also the little pom pom chicks are adorable. They were only 2.99 a box. They stand up as they have cute little feet.

The easter eggs are a tradition I have done since my kids were little They are chocolate eggs and in a real egg shell. They poke a hole in the bottom and clean them out and then fill them with chocolate. My kids always look forward to them. The licorice eggs are for Zacheus. He LOVES black licorice.

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