Friday, March 21, 2008


I fill eggs for all my nieces and nephews for an Easter egg hunt. Well I was putting together my kids Easter Baskets last night and those little pom pom chicks were so CUTE! They would be adorable in some of the plastic Easter eggs and less sugar for them too! So back to World Market I went tonight and got there 10 minutes before they closed. Well... I found some more Easter candy too that I did not see the other day. Check out the big lady bug, isn't it adorable. The chocolate bunnies make up our whole family, mom, dad and 4 kids. :) Can you tell I like Easter. :)

The bunny and egg pasta is to make macaroni salad out of for Easter. Only $1.99 at World Market now. The Pom Pom chicks were on sale tonight for 25% off now also and were $2.24 a box. The bunnies, ladybug, and the other chocolates shown all came in one bag and were only $12.99. World Market has great prices.

My son Zacheus' easter basket shown below with the edible grass. (I tried it.....not the best tasting stuff. It reminded me of those little candy things we got as kids that looked like space ships but had the texture of foam. I can't remember what they were call.