Friday, March 21, 2008


We have the most awesome customers!!!

We ship a lot of packages to Sioux City Iowa as there is not a scrapbook store in the area any more. Ti was the one I had found the Adore Bingo cards for I was telling you about. She thought they were 7 Gypsies but they did not have them so the hunt was on (I love hunting for things) It ended up they were by Jenni Bowlin and we ordered their whole line at CHA and I just reordered already earlier this week. (they have a lot of fun products)

I stopped to get the mail this morning and found a package from Ti. Her and I were talking "Target" talk and discussing the cupcake line they had at Valentines day when she was in the store last week. (I have met so many people who are Target addicts like me, we should start a club) hee hee Ti was telling me of a project she made out of the cupcake line and their Target got cupcake paper which I went to three different Targets to get all the cupcake stuff for the store and we never got the paper.

To my surprise I got in the mail today the complete instructions for the project and also some of the Cupcake paper. I will have to make the project at tomorrow nights crop so I have one to show in the store.

Ti Van Buskirk is so talented. She should be writing idea books. She does not scrapbook anymore and just does paper projects. I am amazed at all of our talented customers. Look at the printing on the label below. It amazed me!

Below is the Cupcake project by Ti Van Buskirk

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