Friday, March 21, 2008


Vicki graced us with her presence at the store today. She is so much fun!!! She shopped, took pictures of the puppies, check her blog as she will add them over the weekend . She autographed some of her books while she was here so if you want an autographed one stop by soon.

*She said she is willing to teach classes for the National Scrapbook Weekend. I was thinking maybe we just have her teach three classes and it would be a flat $50.00 per person and the difference I could just pay out of the weekend retreat fee. If you did not want to stop cropping you could just get the kit. If you look at Vickis blog regularly do not think she just does vintage classes. She is good at everything! I have taken MANY of Vickis classes and I think my favories were the ME pages and the houses also all of her acrylic items.

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