Monday, March 24, 2008


Ruth was up bright and early as always. I made Macaroni salad, packed the car and got the puppies baths. We then headed to St. Libory where Trevors mom lives which is about a 3 hour drive and we made it by 1:00. Diva stayed awake through it all and wanted to be up seeing what was going on. Daisy slept. We had dinner and then the twins and my other 3 nephews and 2 nieces all went out for an Easter egg hunt. The kids LOVED those little pom pom chicks I got at World Market. I had bought kites for all the kids and their place is wonderful to fly them as there are no wires anywhere.

Then they all came in for some of grandpas ice cream. The puppies had their first experience being outdoors. They loved it. I need to get them used to wearing collars so they can start going for walks outside now that the weather is getting nicer out.

Paul made the announcement that he asked his girlfriend Kaela to marry him and she said yes. My baby boy is getting married.

Diva's bath and then her first road trip.

Puppies loved it outdoors.

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