Thursday, March 20, 2008


I LOVE Easter as it is celebrating when Jesus came back ALIVE! God has been so good to us and each and every customer is such a blessing. It was a trying time when we moved our store from Elkhorn to Gretna and it has turned out to be wonderful! We have met so many wonderful people. I love being on the interstate as we get so many people travelling from all over the United States. I am going to get a big US map and we are going to let people mark where they are from.

BONUS!!! Saturday night we are running Diva Night at half price*. It is our Easter present to you. If you have ever wanted to try Diva Night this is the night to try. It includes dinner, snacks and drinks. We also give away prizes and take a photo of everyone in their Scrapbook Diva Wear. You can BYOB.

*If you already paid we will credit you.

I also will put out today page kits by My Minds Eye. I have a 1oo of them while they last. They are over a $10.00 value. I am selling them for only $4.99 and the ones with over a $20.00 value will be only $9.99 as part of our Easter Celebration. They are wonderful kits which are all coordinated. Saturday will be a great day to come in. Also everything on the 50% off rack will be moved to the 75% off Saturday. . We need to clear stuff out to make more room and it is all way below cost.

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