Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The boxes just keep coming

I am tired and the day has just begun. I came to work with about a dozen more boxes from UPS. We have been so busy at the store and so very thankful for each and every customer. Things are selling just as fast as they are coming in which is great as it allows us to bring you more new products! The special order concept is catching on very well. If you see something online or something we do not carry we will order it for you at 25% off as we want your business and reward you for that. No shipping charges either! If it is in stock it just takes about 3 business days to come in. You can even call in your orders 402-763-9675. If you need the item shipped to you if you are not in the area, there is a shipping charge. We have family in Council Bluffs, Fremont and Grand Island so we can get items to those places with no extra charge.

We have a bunko group at the store tonight which is always fun. I am not working tonight though as I am tired. hee hee We rented out the Diva room yesterday for a 50th birthday party. Wouldn't that be a blast? We also have been renting for National Scrapbook Day events. We will be doing a 3 day crop on May 2-4th for National Scrapbook Day. . You will be getting an email about it if you are registered on . It will be open to our current customers for 2 weeks before we start advertising it at the store for new customers. If you are a P.T. Member you get another $10.00 off the 3-day crop.

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