Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have had a LOT of requests for the cupcake project. I do not feel right charging for the project as it was Ti's idea so we are passing on the good deed of Ti and passing on the cupcake. We have decided to make kits for all the people participating in the National Scrapbook Day event at Precious Treasures. We are even giving everyone the acrylic album too! This is going to be a very special weekend! t. Sign up soon so you are able to get a spot. Email to sign up. Put RETREAT in the subject please so they will forward it to me.

You do not want to miss this weekend. I just talked to Steph yesterday and ordered the most awesome scrapbook cookies for the weekend. Check out her web site. She does such a great job. I ordered graduation cookies for our Open House also. I may even do them for my sons wedding after seeing the new "love" ones she just did.

CLASSES: I really want Vicki Chrisman to come teach classes for the National Scrapbook Day retreat. I have to have enough people to fill the classes so I need a head count if you are interested in possibly taking them. E-mail me at and let me know. If you do not want to stop during the retreat and take classes maybe we could have her the weekend after? Email me your thoughts on it.

If you have not seen Vicki's work, check out her online resume

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