Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If you are interested in doing a scrapbook page swap please email me at It is free to join and we will even have some free crop nights to come work on them. We ask you just try to use products Precious Treasures carries. Your only cost is the pages you make. Once we get 12 people we will start. If you sign up you have to complete them as the rest of the group will be counting on you. Each person will be given a month and you will create 12 2-page spreads all the same We will put a price limit in the pages. Then we will all get together for a Diva Party Swap. You will come home with a two page spread for each month of the year. We will give you a coupon for 50% off of an album at the swap if you want an album to keep them all in. It will be a lot of fun! You do not have to be local to join the group. The pages can be mailed in and we will mail you yours back.

If you have more ideas for swaps you would like to have let me know.

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joshua said...

I feel super by saying that this is realy one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!

Congrats! Take it like a blossom blessing!