Sunday, September 21, 2008

THE BIG ONE! (pics)

I do a garage sale about every three years and it is exhausting! From the pictures you will see why. I have HUGE sales. With 4 growing kids there is always a lot of clothes and we do a buck each so they sell fast. It was such a beautiful day today. I am having it tomorrow also. Then I will be so relieved to get back to work. Paul sleeps days so I am sure he will love having a quiet house again too. I will be putting more stuff out tomorrow as I am in the mood to purge. We are hoping to earn enough to get carpet in the dining room since the gallon of dark green paint spilled on it. :(

Paul is used to sleeping days and here we caught him asleep on the sectional we had in the garage sale.

Zacheus having fun with a wig in the sale.

ummm.. who is that guy?

We had a nice sectional with two chairs and a lady who did not have a couch nor had much money we just said she could have it. Paul and Kaela even delivered it to her. (we are a family of softies)

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Vicki C said...

Ok..those photos where hilarious!!! That was one serious garage sale!