Thursday, September 25, 2008


There is nothing better than a night with all of your girlfriends. I think one of God's greatest blessings is friends. I cannot imagine life without them. We ended up with 9 of us that came to the Chick Market. We loved looking at all the new Christmas things. It got me in the mood for the holidays. The girls do such a good job of displaying everything and have the most wonderful items for sale. My friend Jana who is doing a whole scrapbook line for the store I told you about was working tonight and she said it is almost ready. I am so excited to see it all. She leaves for vacation Monday for a week and should have it set up at the store the first week in October.

While waiting I went outside and met John Hoich. He owns owns the strip mall where Chick Market is and he was trying to talk to me about moving to a bay next to Chick Market and even offered to put slat wall up on the whole thing. He was telling me about all the places he owns and all he has done and I was very impressed and he is a very interesting guy.

Karen and Lexie came to Chick Market but could not join us for dinner. Then the rest of us, Rosemary, Kaylee, Tawnya, Liz, Betty, Jackie and I all went to Hectors after a couple HOURS of the Chick Market. We got our margaritas and had lots of wonderful conversation!

Aother friend has all this cute little girls things. Her hair bows are the best I have ever seen as the bands on them are so comfotable. Above see the cute towel that goes over your little princess' head,

Christmas decorations.

Adorable Halloween Decorations

There was wonderful wine, cheese all kinds of dips and soups etc to sample.

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Vicki C said...

Cool stuff, and looks like a blast!