Friday, September 19, 2008


Here are all my finds from the Chick Market last night. I love to stamp and I have several CTMH stamp set but what I love from them is their clear snap envelopes. These are the ones their stamps come in. They sell them empty and I use them to organize all my acrylic stamps from other companies. If you look below at the train cases, I found that these fit the envelopes perfectly and are adorable too. They have all different colors at the Chick Market. (180th pacific) The smaller train cases they sell fit 4x6 photos.

So "DIVA" salt and peppers (in the store window now), little photo holders that are purses and a couple basket tie ons. The calendars we sell here at the store and are from Jenni Bowlin.
Bought two hat stands that are velvet covered.

The ladder I had to have as it was PINK! There is another one at the store that is taller. They are great at home for towel racks. The white shelf behind it was a garage sale find on the way to work this morning. Only $7.50! I should not be going to garage sales as Iam having one at my house this Sunday. It will be HUGE!

These fit the CTMH stamp envelopes perfectly.
Yes, they do have other colors than pink and black. LOL
I actually have to go get two more as I did not have enough room.
I think I have too many stamps? nah..
There is one of the hat stands peeking around the corner.

Cute displays for the store. Love the bust as I put Teresa Collins bling rings in it and tied a cute pink ribbon around the waist. Stop by the store to see it.
(Bling rings are all the rage as you decorate them yourself)

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