Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have had about 30 emails from people, yes, I am ok. We just had a very busy weekend!

Saturday: Scrap Pink was Saturday and had a lot of fun. A few of us just spent a lot of time organizing which I was one of them organizing for next weekends crop at Camp Kitaki Tawnya had to leave at 7:00 to go to a Romance Party at her neighbors. She asked if anyone wanted to go and to our surprise all but two ended up going. So we carpooled and I had never been to one of those parties and lets just say it was VERY interesting. LOL After we all came back and scrapbooked. The person that had the party had cats and I am highly allergic so when we got back I went home as I was feeling terrible and Veronica closed out the crop at ??? I am not sure what time they finished up.

Sunday: We had out HUGE garage sale. The weather was wonderful and we got rid of so much stuff. I used to be a pack rat and a few years ago I helped my pastors wife clean her house and she has so much stuff that it made a big change in me that I just want to get rid of everything. So I have been cleaning out the attic and storage room. I even got rid of about 15 purses which for me is VERY hard. I have a ways to go but I made a huge dent in it and what was left from the sale got donated.

Monday: My kids did not have school so we went to the zoo in the morning and left there about 7:15 that night. It is amazing to go to the zoo after it closes at 5:00 as there is hardly anyone there and the animals are hungry! The lions and tigers were all roaring and Zach thought that was pretty cool. We could not have had a better day for weather. Trev took the bus over to the zoo after work and he got to walk around with us also for a couple hours. After we went to Spaghetti works as I had a buy one get one free coupon. But when we went to pay I gave her the coupon she said they could not take it on Mondays as kids eat free that day. Zach piped up and said "We can eat here every Monday!". I had no idea they did that there and we may eat there more and all of us at for under $20 and I cannot even cook for that.

Tuesday: Went to Walgreens before work and dropped off my pictures from the zoo all 373 of them! I took my good camera and lenses and got some great shots. I will share some with you when I get them back. Walgreens has prints for only 10 cents a print this week!

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