Thursday, September 25, 2008


Many people say, sure I’d love to scrapbook if I had nothing to do all day but cut and paste things. The real waste of time is not creating a scrapbook, but rather taking pictures, dropping them off at the store, picking them up, putting them in a box, and then wasting numerous hours trying to find a specific picture months later. Why take pictures if you’re just going to coral them in the closet like cattle? Making a scrapbook is about preserving memories for future generations. With scrapbooks, people organize their pictures, souvenirs and mementos into themes and create mini-histories using safe materials to ensure the photos will last ages. Simply put, scrapbooks are more than fun times with friends, or that fulfilling feeling you get when you create something. Scrapbooks are is also an investment in your family and future generations.

Find Time to Scrapbook

Alright, so how do you make time? Don’t think you have to belt out a scrapbook in one sitting. Most people are short on time with a tall list of things to do, so their goal is to create a page here and there which will eventually complete a themed album. Like with anything else you want to accomplish, you must schedule time and break your project into little steps. You can sort through photos while the kids nap or are out to play. Think up themes and come up with design ideas when you are out and about and bombarded with color combinations. If you have a small child or children you may find it difficult to schedule time to breathe, let alone scrapbook, but there is always time, even if all you can spare is fifteen minutes here or ten minutes there, at least you can get a little done, like sorting pictures or placing one on a page. Once you have experienced the rewards from scrapbooks, you’ll find that time for it magically appears.