Friday, September 26, 2008


My friend Anne showed up at the store today. What a nice surprise. She missed girls night last night as she had to attend her husband work function. Those darn husbands! hee hee

She always has a project going. She is working on acrylic tags for a swap and needed to cut a bunch out and was looking for ideas for her grandson's birthday. I told her about the ABC books I made for my kids with things like "A is for Aunt Trudy" and a photo of trudy and then I put used up lots of stickers with things starting with each letter on the pages. My kids loved to look at them and still do. Anne bought the the HARD plastic sleeves to make books out of and I have made several for toddlers as they can chew the heck out of them and not hurt them. LOL I have one on display at the store.

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