Thursday, September 18, 2008


Teresa Collins is having a contest for the best display for her retailers that carry all of her line. If we win she will come teach classes free of charge for a day. We could also win a huge gift certificate or a ton of products which we will split with everyone who helps. So.... If you are creative and want to take part call me or email me. We need to come up with something spectacular! My friend Ti in Sioux City dreamed about it last night. I sure wish she lived closer as she is so creative. I need someone who can cut wood as I am not a tool person. When we put our addition on our house I tried to help and shot a nail from a nail gin through my finger. So unless it is unscrewing post from a scrapbook or using a cropadile I do not do tools. LOL

I am going to the Chick Market after work today with a friend and I am going to see what I can find there too for diplays.

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