Thursday, September 18, 2008


They have quit making the albums and protectors from this company. So many people use them and it was bad how the company did it as they should have given a years notice as once you start an album style you usually want to keep using the same style.

I want to get rid of everything in one big lot and you could make a fortune selling them on ebay as there are none out there. I wil give you 50% off to take it all as one big lot. If sold individually we are not giving any discounts on any of the 12x12 as they are in such high demand right now. It all comes to 1323.23 -50%= 661.16. It could all be shipped but shipping charges would apply.

Muti-Packs I have 15
Style F I have 2
Style D I have 11
ligh blue 12x12 albums 3
green albums 6 coming
8*12 ivory albums: I have 8
8x12 protectors I have 58


ojwash said...


Unfortunately cannot purchase entire lot, but would like to buy 10 packages of the 8 x 12 A page protectors if you will sell........also, do you have any 12 x 12 A page protectors - if you do, I would like 10 packages of those too.



Kristen Abbott said...

Are you still looking to sell the anthologie scrapbooks and fillers for 50% Off? If so I am very interested in buying all of them! Let me know what you have left and what your willing to sell!
Thanks you
Kristen Abbott

Kristen Abbott said...

I am interested in buying your an-thol-o-gie scrapbooks and fillers! ALL OF THEM! Let me know if they are still available!
Thank you