Monday, September 15, 2008

QUITE A DAY diva sick (pic)

Diva has been sick since Friday and we have not known what was wrong with her. She was not eating or drinking and if she was sleeping she would just yelp sometimes and if you picked her up sometimes she would yelp in pain. I had felt all over her to try to see if bones hurt or her tummy hurt and could not find a certain spot that would hurt her. Rosemary knows a lot about dogs and thought Diva may have a blockage so needless to say I was worried sick as she said they could die from it. I even snuck Diva into church Sunday as I just could not leave her alone and she yelped in the middle of church. Needless to say I headed for the door. LOL I could not get a hold of our vet on Sunday and I was worried sick. I was at the vet as soon as they opened this morning.

After lots of blood tests and x-rays we found out she has a back injury. She is our little dare devil that jumps off the bed and Daisy will not jump. So needless to say we are getting steps for our bed. She go a prescription to help the inflamation and we check her again in a week. I am so relieved she is ok. I sure love that dog.

Diva at the vet with her leg bandaged from blood tests.

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