Thursday, September 18, 2008

NEW DIGI SCRAPPIN ON DVD! (for you visual learners)

We have sold hundreds of the Digi -Scrappin books since they came out as it is the BEST way to learn photoshop. Even if you do not want to digitally scrapbook and just take digital photos this book is a MUST HAVE! Some community colleges are even using it for their class book.

Now they have come up with a DVD of it!! How cool is that? We just got them in today. Amanda Dykan the author is an excellent teacher as my husband and I both have taken many of her classes at trade shows and conventions. She makes it easy for anyone to learn photoshop. and learn all it can do without getting overwhelmed as she teaches it in steps. She has three books in the series now and I have liked them as once I get the first book down then I practice with all of that and move on to the next book. If I can learn it anyone can!

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