Thursday, June 19, 2008


Paul and my sweet future daughter in law AKA scrapbooker in training just sent me pictures from the College World Series tonight. The LSU Tigers are playing the Carolina Tar Heels. The kids got to be on the field and awesome seats. I had to laugh as Kaela is fitting into our family so well as she takes pictures on her phone all the time and sends them to me.

I got Paul a good camera for graduation and he took it to Des Moines when he was at training last week, he has taken it to work and taken pictures there too already. Looks like I better be on the hunt for Mechanic's scrapbook supplies. If anyone finds any let me know. Paul already brought me some patches he got at work to use in the scrapbook. I thought after the kids graduated I would not still be doing their albums...hmmm... Why do I get the feeling I am going to be doing even the grand kids albums??? hee hee

Paul and Kaela at the game

View from their seats

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Vicki C said...

You are one busy girl!!