Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lindsay's Ramblings

If you were thinking about working for Amy here at the store, I would highly recommend you reconsider. The slave drivers that own PT's ended up working me WAY to hard and I ended up having to have surgery on my leg as shown bellow...

As good of a story that would be to tell everyone, I'm kidding. What I really did was tear my ACL playing soccer down at school. So please do not fret. Amy has been ever so generous to let me work in my semi handicap state. : )

A couple of posts down, Amy has pictures of the puppies when they were itty bitty. It made me remember a picture I took of them when my mom (Rosemary) and I brought our dog, Snickers, up to the store for a play date with the puppies.

Note that Snickers is a 10 pound long hair Chihuahua. She looks like a giant!!!

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Precious Treasures said...

I love you working at the store and have heard nothing but good comments from customers. I love the pictures you put up. Hard to believe they were that small. :) Although they still are only 4-5 pounds.