Friday, June 13, 2008


Ruth has been working away in the crop room this weekend making a scrapbook for her dad for Fathers Day. Ruth is only 9 and an excellent scrapbooker. I went back today to see what she was up to and check out these letters she made! They are awesome. I thought they were wood and asked her about them and I got a whole lesson on how to make them. They are chip board that she inked to make them look like wood. The alphabet is marshmallow which we have for the accucut machine. You CAN cut chipboard with our Grand Mark machine. We do not allow it on our regular accucut machines as it warps the trays and they cost a lot. We would rather buy more dies for you to use than trays with crop funds. :) Getting new trays to me is like getting a new toilet or iron etc. LOL!

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