Friday, June 13, 2008

MORE NEW ITEMS IN TODAY! BLING! Even glow in the dark glitter

I got a huge box in today of all BLING! I cannot wait to try the glow in the dark glitter!

KOOKY COLORS ARE BACK!!! These are limited edition colors and only available while supplies last. We got 20 jars which was our allotment. They are at the check out counter. When they are gone, they are gone and we cannot get any more.

  • clear glass tiny beads (we used these in our class that we made the pen in. You just take an ink pen, wrap in tacky tape, then fabric or paper, another layer of tacky tap and then roll in the clear tiny glass beads. They are beautiful!
  • glow in the dark glitter
  • crystal glitter in regular size and also jumbo jars for bigger projects
  • pebbles (glitter that looks like little brown pebbles or rock
  • hot pink glitter
  • bright blue glitter
  • bright yellow glitter
  • lime green glitter
  • FAUX SNOW! This is really awesome on winter pages
  • glitter glue
  • fabric glitter glue. Just use the glue on your clothing, sprinkle with glitter, let dry and it is washable.
  • gold leafing or embossed glue
  • blue tiny glass beads. Great for water pages.

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