Friday, June 13, 2008


I had another doctors appointment this afternoon and after I got through Ruth was starving as we had not eaten lunch and it was like 3:00. So we stopped at Kona Grill at Village Point which is one of our favorite restaurants for some sushi. Both of the twins love sushi. They even have a sushi plate on the kids menu at Kona Grill. I am a seafood nut! Seafood here is nothing like it was growing up on the east coast. My parents had some friends who had a pool that we would go to and they would have these HUGE pots of steamed crabs and just pour them out onto a picnic table to eat. They were soooo... good!

A favorite at Kona Grill, try the macadamia nut chicken taco's but ask for shoyu sauce with them and lots of it. YUM! If you go Monday through Thursday during Happy Hour which is like 3-7pm you can get them half price. They have a reverse happy hour also which I think starts at 9 or 10pm Monday-Thursday.

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Vicki C said...

There's my girl!! What a little sweetie!