Monday, June 2, 2008


I will add photos as soon as I get time to download them but everything went excellent. A GREAT friend (our pastors wife) showed up Sunday morning at about 8 am with literally a heaping truckload of decorations and props to do the tables. I had no idea she was doing this and she is NOT a morning person so I know she loved me a lot to do this. I had spend so much time cleaning, repairing and painting that I did not get time to decorate much but I told her it would do. My friend Ginger does everything 110% and makes it beautiful! I cannot thank her enough.

The food was excellent. We got the recipe for the B.G.'s loose meat sandwiches as we love eating there. They were so good. We had homemade potato salad and baked beans, deviled eggs, I made the crop dip, chips cake and cookies. We had a huge turnout and it was so nice to see family and friends we have not seen in many years. The teenagers all came back and swam last night and had a lot of fun.

I spent today at the store emptying out boxes that came and there is TONS! It may be another week before I list everything that came since there is so much and I am behind so stop by the store and check out all the new stuff. Rosemary who worked at our Elkhorn store and who does the imprinting works for Millard schools now and is off for the summer so stop by and see her as she will be back working at the store some now. I am so excited to have her back at the store as she is the nicest person and we work very well together. I just cannot wait to go to work tomorrow. Well I am off to bed as I am so tired tonight. I think I had been going on adrenaline trying to get ready for the party and now I am just so tired and very thankful it is over. :)

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