Monday, June 9, 2008


So much for catching up on sleep from the weekend as I had to have Paul up at 4:30 as he had to be in Des Moines by 8:00 am for a weeks worth of training for his job. I am REALLY dragging today. The twins had vacation bible school this morning and came home and at lunch and have been out in the pool ever since. It is very warm out today.

If you have a person you recommend email me and I will add it to the list.

Nebraska Window Company is here today putting in my kitchen window and new front door. I got the window at the kids school carnival auction and when he was out measuring for it I had him price a new front door which I had been wanting a new one foralmost 20 years now. They look beautiful! I cannot wait until they are done and I will share pictures. I was able to take a picture of the kitchen window as they have the inside done. If you need windows or doors I would recommend them and just ask Trevor when you see him how picky I am about things being done on my house. So if I recommend them they are very good. Even a little thing like the doorbell John Newell the owner suggested replacing (which I liked my copper fish doorbell) but it did not match the "look" of the new door. I really like when they pick up on details and take pride in their work. They also clean up their messes which is rare for anyone working on your house.

If you ever need remodelling Grobeck construction of Omaha Nebraska added 1500 square feet on our house when we had the twins and Gary the owner would suggest things to me that I had not even thought of and he is VERY detail oriented. Rosemary thought they did such a great job they had a huge addition of a full apartment on their house for her mother to live in. Ask for Gary as he is awesome!

As for the carpet and tile we just had put in for Paul's party. Home Depot did it and I would never get anything done by them again. I like to shop there but their installation crew was a nightmare and it looks terrible. If you know a good carpet person let me know as I have to get ours fixed and another room replaced.

Fencing : Monarch fencing I have heard is good from one of our customers.

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