Sunday, June 8, 2008


We are back and everyone had a wonderful time and asking when the next one was. We had a super turnout. Thank you to everyone who came. The storms were a worry though as the lights went out for a bit last night. It was kind of funny how times have changed that we used to grab candles but we all flipped open our phones and laptops. We had a great group cropping and all laughed so much. I got a lot of scrapbooking done and completed 41 pages!

Our next big crop will be the last weekend in September. This is out fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation. I am going to look into having at Calvin Crest as everyone loved it there.

*I will add more photos as soon as I can get to the store and download them as my cord is there. Here are a few I had taken with my camera on my phone.

Fremont is known for its antique stores. Saturday morning a few of us went into town and went to some stores downtown. We went to a great bead store which I got some pink ribbon beads to make bracelets out of for our Scrap Pink crop. I also seemed to have come home with a purse. (I have a purse addiction) It was so cute as they make them with bungee cord straps.

I could not have a shopping trip with girlfriends withough buying a new purse. A lady makes them and the straps are bungee cords.

This was a wonderful grab bag of ephemera I got at the Junktion store and it was filled with lots of goodies.

This was my find of the weekend. Most of you have seen the Brandeis hat box I have in the bathroom at the store and I found a smaller one at one of the stores. I love Brandeis items as my grandma worked there for many many years. They have converted the old Brandeis building to condo's and I I would love to buy one there when I retire.
The book is called Southern California from 1928. I used pages out of it when scrapbooking my California pictures this weekend. It was very interesting.

I found this old toilet paper roll holder for the store. Tawnya threatened to light up her head if the lights went out. :( hee hee

Our new sleep shirts we got in at the store. The shirts were all a hit at the crop and I will order more on Monday as we ran out of some sizes.

When we were downtown we seen this car driving around selling mattress and box springs from it. I laughed so hard when I seen it. Do people actually buy them like this?

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