Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I was so bummed as I was busy and did not get pictures of so many people who were there. :( I must have been tired as the camera is usually the first thing I think of.

Click here to see his graduation pictures. http://ptdiva.blogspot.com/2008/05/graduation.html

Thank you Tina! I never could have done this party without her. She helped me for 4 days straight so I could get time to paint. I also hired her during the party to help and she was definately a God send! PS Check out how Ginger did the buns! Isn't that the cutest! She also froze a bowl of water with another bowl in it and then placed the bowls of salads into hat boxes. She is amazing!

Bob and Bobbie Harvey

Kaela's family looking at Pauls scrapbooks. (there were 11)

Pauls letter jacket and sleeveless gown.

Betty Feltman and Trevor

Paul and friends playing in the pool.

Aunt Donna and Uncle Bob Bernhards

Ruth and Zacheus playing with Julian and Tahlia Scaggs in the pool.

Grandma Lois Trayner

My sister Trudy, mom Phyllis Holman with Cheryl and Bill Calabretto

Paul's baby picture 2 days old.

Gift from me...of course a camera!

Bob and Bobbie Harvey, Damon Scaggs, Karon Cornett (Trevors mom)

You know my weird sense of humor. Dad got this life size display from Skagway where he works and I had kept it and glad I did. I blew up a photo of Paul to cover the face and put his diploma where the Little Debbie Box was and put Elkhorn on his shirt. It was a hoot! I put it out on the front porch to greet guests.

Paul and his momma!

Scrapbooks on display in the dining room, we also had pictures all over the house and my dad made a video of Paul we played in the living room. The video was the hit of the party. Thanks dad!

I put out all of his pinewood derby cars, favorite hot wheels, all the trophys, all the tickets from Nascar races Paul has gone to. I also put out his artwork and pottery. Paul has always been my artistic child and every time I go to parent teacher conferences their bggest complaint was that he was ALWAYS drawing. He goes to CHA with me and the ladies all just love him. He could easily be the next Tim Holtz and then momma could retire. hahahahaha

Trudy (sister), Mike (dad), Paul (son), Phyllis (mom)

Rosemary and Lindsay Gordon

The cake table was beautiful. Look how Ginger used an old screen to hold the cake. I would have never thought of that. We had strawberries dipped in white chocolate YUM!

My sister Trudy.

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