Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Toyja worked the store Sunday. I had to go in for a bit and finish some stuff up from Saturday night but the rest of the day we had a girls day. We went to see Get Smart (awesome) and The Love Guru. If you have a weird sense of humor (which I do) you will like this movie. ) We of course had to hit Kona Grill as Ruth does not allow us to go to Village Point without stopping for a sushi break.

Ruth, Liz and I had so much fun in Sephora! Liz and I have been to many Sephora's when travelling but Ruth had never been to one and had a blast. She had to go totally wash her face off three times! Her favorite was a lip gloss that changed colors with your mood. My I did find that you should visit a place like Sephora every once in awhile especially because I am fighting aging. I found this 100% silica mineral powder that I love for hiding wrinkles. Liz said it knocked 10 years of me when I tried it on....my response was...SOLD!

Ruth bought a really cute make up kit. I told her she could wear make up around the house but she was not allowed to wear it at school. Her response was "I know mom, if I wore make up to school buys would be drooling all over and it would get drool on my shoes". She cracks me up!

That is a sushi smile. Ruth just loves it!

Ruth's make up kit open.

Ruth's make up kit closed.

Here is a picture of Ruth and I. Notice Ruth's BIG sack. Mine is the tiny one behind hers. =)
My kids always have more money than I do. (I need to get a job! LOL)

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