Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We had to come up with a theme for this years Heartland Hop and my idea was "Tag You're It!" and they picked it! I was thrilled! Each store will make a tag for a different season and or holiday and by the time you visit all the stores you will have a whole ring of tags. Precious Treasures will give you a 2" book ring with your passport purchase.

Our store had to come up with a summer tag. Rosemary came up with our tag when she was working yesterday. I LOVE IT! The wings of the ladybug fold out and are made of the circle mesh which we now sell by the yard. The saying is "Scrapbooker, Scrapbooker fly away home, Your kids are all hungry and your husbands alone."
This will be the tag you get from our store during the Heartland Hop.

Copyright Rosemary Gordon

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