Monday, June 9, 2008


When I bought our house and it was in horrible shape and no carpets, a hot pink living and dining room, family room had turquoise ceilings and walls, the kitchen was orange and gold with a huge burn hole on the kitchen floor. Window were all broken in the family room and duct taped. You would never know it now almost 20 years later.. It was built in 1977. I had a list of dreams for the house and had the 20 year plan as I never wanted to move from it. My parents moved so many times when I was growing up and I never wanted to move with my family so they could make life long friends and have"roots". Even when we ran out of room when we had the twins we added 1500 more square feet on the house instead of moving.

The front door was a single door that was NASTY! It had so much paint on it and I was always embarrassed when people would come over. It is an odd sized door and the opening on the outside of the house was originally cut for double doors as most of our neighbors have but it looks like they cut corners and filled it in and it looked horrible. I finally got a new door and it has been so worth the wait. (There went the stimulus payment and then some)

It has been fun fixing up the house over the years as it seem to have grown with us. I have tried to scrapbook a lot of it. It is fun to look back and see how much it has changed. After the kids move out I want to turn it into a scrapbooking bed and breakfast as we have 8 bedrooms so we have plenty of room.

This was the interior of the door BEFORE. It was gross and had a high gloss black paint that was put over many coats of rough paint. ewwww...... (photo was an old photo that was taken on the way to a Hollywood awards party that we were to all dress as movie stars.)

The new door outside. As soon as they left today I was off to Elkhorn Ace Hardware to get the green paint to get the door painted. Rosemary and her hubby Jay stopped by this evening to check it out.

The new door inside.

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