Thursday, August 21, 2008


The mall is trying to get more business' out here and there have been a couple ideas on my mind that would be a great business opportunity for someone. If you have any interest e-mail us at and we can put you in touch with the right person.

1. An adult designer consignment store. Low cost start up as you would do it on consignment. I had my own childrens designer consignment store before and could give you some pointers on getting it going.
2. Indoor year round flea market or craft booths. Where Chcicago Cutlery was the bay already has tables that are three tiered. I would rent out 31 spaces and have each person work one day as part of their contract. You can get video security cameras that can be seen on your computer at home and even on your cell phone so you would not have to be at the store unless you wanted to when someone else was working.

3. A ladies co-op like the Chick Market in omaha does. It is sort of like mixed booths. Each person brings in so much inventory and together it makes a complete store. Go check out the chick market on 18th and Pacific and you can see how they have done it.

And as ALWAYS we need a coffee shop or eatery out at the mall. So MANY people car pool from Lincoln and a coffee show would go wonderful out here. Especially like a scooters, crane or starbucks franchise.

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