Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally went to the doctor

If you have been in the last few days I have been looking a little green under the gills. I have been sick since Thursday and not getting better and not keeping anything down still and at times am doubled over in pain. It ends up I have salmonella food poisoning. The last thing I ate was a salad with grilled chicken on top from Mimi's Cafe last Thursday night so the chicken must have been bad. I got two prescriptions from the doctor so please say a prayer I am feeling better by tonight as I REALLY want to crop tonight.

I hope when I get to feeling better I will not wonder why I put so much on the sidewalk sale. hee hee We have soooo much on sale! 50% off or more. Below is a photo of Daisy from this morning as she has liked it that I slept in and was laying right on top of me to try to keep me from getting up. She does not know she only weighs 4 pounds. hee hee

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cat said...

good work!!!
keep it up