Friday, August 22, 2008


We sell black, white and kraft colored chipboard and with our Grand Mark Accucut machine you can cut out letters and shapes.

  • Use Adirondack Paint dabbers to cover or edge your letters. I have tried all kinds of other acrylic paints and nothing works better. The pigment is so high in the dabbers that it does not take very much and you will get good coverage. Others make the paper bubble or you have to put more coats so it looks "gloppy".
  • Use ink pads or chalks to color them. You can even use more than one color ink pad for a painbow look of any color blending from one color to the next.
  • Use metallic mist, glimmer mist or twinkling H2O's on them for a shimmering color.
  • One of my favorites is covering them in papers to match my project. A favorite of mine is zip dry glue as it drys flat. Do not panic if it looks bubbley as it will dry flat. Cut your paper just a tad bigger than your letter, let dry and then use files to file off the edge. Always file away from you as not to tear the paper.
  • You can cut one letter out of chip board and one out of card stock and layer them for a 3-d look.

Lots of choices in files. Basic Gray makes a whole kit of different sized files and we also sell files seperately. You will need a tiny file to get into the smaller parts of the letters.

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