Sunday, August 24, 2008

A funny...

I had a customer who came in looking for corn paper as she was doing a layout for the Corn Castle in South Dakota. When I got up to the desk later there was a stack of paper on the counter and in it was the corn paper. I started putting all the paper in the computer and just did a "hold receipt" until she was ready. When she came up to check out she had a few pieces of paper in her hand which one was the corn paper. I added it to her receipt and it came to like $15.00. She paid for it and I stuck it in the bag with the other papers and handed it to her.

The bag had much more than she expected and she said "I only had these few pieces of paper and the rest is not mine". She stated with a smile "I thought it was very expensive paper but I did not care as it matched my layout!" I just had to laugh as I am the same way. I have something in my mind for a layout and if it will work I would pay any price.

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