Monday, September 8, 2008


Diva is very protective of EVERYTHING! She goes about half way up the stairs and sits and eats her bone . That way she has a "birds eye" view of things and can see Daisy if she tries to come up the stairs.

I always take bones away from her as I always practice taking things away from the dogs so that if we have grand kids some day they will kno humans are allowed to take things aways from them. Anyway I must do it a lot to Diva as this morning I was half way awake laying in bed and she brought her bone up to me and dropped it on my face to share with me. It was so sweet.

Last night she came to bed with her bone and kept pushing it underneath me and then snuggled up next to me. She did not want Daisy to get her bone. Daisy hides her bones and she is such a ditz she forgets where she hides them and Diva finds them. LOL Look how both ears are totally standing up so she can hear Daisy coming.

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