Friday, September 5, 2008

FRIDAY NIGHT this will crack you up!

I promised to spend the evening with the twins and after I was relieved at the store I drove them to Ralston to Spaghetti Works only to find a very long wait with 2 hungry kids. So we ended up going to Don and Millies. The twins had never had a cheese frenchie before and loved them. While we were there a couple clowns were having dinner too. (literally a couple of clowns, see photo)

After dinner we went to Mangelsens as the kids wanted to look at costumes and I wanted to check out their scrapbook supplies. We laughed so hard when Ruth found this pink costume with scissors in his eye. Ruth said I should wear it to the store for Halloween. I think it may scare kids which I would never want to do. But it is VERY FUNNY!

This was in the parking lot of Spaghetti works.
Thank God that it was closed. (Purses are my biggest weakness)
A couple of goofs. After dinner the twins wanted dessert and
I said they had ate enough. Well as soon as we walked in to Mangelsens
they gave them popcorn and Zach said "Yeah we DO get dessert".

FUNNY costume!

A couple of clowns having dinner.

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