Sunday, September 7, 2008


We are in the works of planning a weekend event at the store where people volunteer to make scrapbooks for the Make Wish kids. For all of the Lutheran Family services scrapbook supplies people are bringing in we are pulling all the Disney stuff for the Make A Wish books before we send the rest up to Fremont for the Lutheran Family Services moms crops. Vicki Chrisman is teaching them. One of our wonderful customers Rhonda Smallwood brought in a bunch of scrapbook supplies yesterday for LFS and I told her about the Make A Wish event and she is so excited. I told her Deb from Make a Wish was here cropping in the back and introduced her and she handed Deb a $20.00 bill and told her to buy some supplies with it. ( I just love all of our wonderful big hearted customers)

Deb Fenton said most books we will do are Disney so dig through your crop rooms and bring in any of that Disney stuff you are not using and give it to a great cause. These kids albums will be cherished by their families for years to come.

I think this is a WONDERFUL cause and looking forward to doing it hopefully for years to come. If you are interested in volunteering contact me at and I will take your information. We will also send out information to the people registered on They may have to do backround checks on all of us first through Make a Wish and Deb is finding that out. As soon as we get that step done we will set a date.

I love my job and could actually get a salary workng somewhere else but I feel if I can do any good out of having a scrapbook store it makes it all worthwhile. I have found over the years there are so many good people out there. *hugz!*

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