Thursday, September 4, 2008


I got off early today as I had to pick up some signs and get groceries. When Liz got home from work we ran to "The Chick Market" as they are having sidewalk sales. What a bad place to go as it cost me! Liz and I both got new shoes as they were soooooo.... cute! They were on clearance for only $15.00 and they are leather! We just could not pass it up. Liz got the brown ones and I got black. They are so detailed and so comfy too!

I also bought this tin sign there which was not on sale but I had the perfect spot for it in my enrty way and love the little reminder to pray. I also bought an adorable shelf for the store but it is still in the car as it is big. It is also BLUE! It will be geting a paint job probably Sunday as the crop room is rented tomorrow and Saturday. I think we will be going through cropping withdrawal. Maybe we should crop on Sunday again?

As for the Chick Market it is on 180th and Pacific and one of my favorite stores. They sell all kinds of girly things. They have some antiques, baby items, home decor, clothing, purses, holiday decor and much, much more. You have to check it out, you will also be hooked on it.

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