Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We love to hang out at Village Point as it is so relaxing just to walk around with the music going, watching people go by etc. There are concerts and carriage rides there on the weekends. It is kind of like the West Omaha's Old Market. When I retire I want to live in a loft in downtown Omaha and hang out at the Old Market people watching all day and sipping coffee. :) I dream of living in the old Brandeis Building as that is where my grandma worked. I need to sell my business for about $500,000 when I retire as Trev said that is what those condos start at. WOW! You see several Brandeis items at the store in the Diva's Powder Room and that is why I have them. I sure miss my grandma.

Tonight Ruth and I went down to Village Point as I had to get Trevor some shoes and a light jacket. Of course I HAD to stop at Archivers and say hello to everyone. I found a cute spinning pencil caddy I got for the store counter and I also had to get dog food. Three Dog Bakery has the best dog food. You can get a sample bag in there if you want to try it. (I mean you dog trying it) The puppies gobble it up. Diva is a picky eater and Daisy eats anything that is not tied down. I will have to get a picture of her as she is my little Fatty McFatty.

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