Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes The Teacher Learns, Too!

Hi, Veronica here! I just saw that Amy already posted about the Cricut markers, so I figured that I'd better post a picture that I took. Basically, the markers outline the word using a marker in place of the blade. Then, you can put the blade back in and the machine will cut out the word, leaving a small edge of the color outlining the word. That's a whole lot easier than cuting out both the word and a shadow and gluing them together. You also can leave the word without cutting it out and use chalks, inks or even water colors to color the letters.
I will teach about these neat tools in my Cricut classes from now on.
And thanks to Amy for breaking out the markers so we could try them out. And thanks to the wonderful students that I had in my class this morning!
Also, I will be posting my next upcoming classes this afternoon so check the calendar soon! ~ Veronica

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