Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WHAT A BUSY DAY! a funny!

I was at work by 8 and Sarah was there about 9am and we visited all day until 2:30 as she had to go pick up her kids. She is such a sweetheart and so talented. Rosemary was in working today as she had to imprint napkins and she stayed until closing which it was nice to get to visit with her also today. (I love my job!)

The store was steady with customers all day and my FAVORITE customers were two ladies who were retired. They are from Des Moines and heard about our store and stopped in and they were a hoot! One of the ladies picked out a purse she wanted the other one to buy her for Christmas. So the other lady brought it up to pay for it and snuck a "You Know You Are a Scrapbooker If" calendars in also. She laughed as she "My friend will never remember I bought it for her and heck I probably won't remember I bought it for her." They cracked me up! They asked me about a quilt museum and I found directions to one in Lincoln so they were heading there and going to stay all night there and said they will stop back and see me tomorrow.

I just love the friendships between girlfriends. Girlfriends in life are a must. Especially if you are married as we need our friends to talk to, cry with, vent to etc. If we did not have them we would drive our hubbies nuts! So next time he complains about you going out with your friends to scrapbook etc. just tell him, if he complains then he has to sit and listen to you. If your husband is like mine he would open the front door for you and tell you "Have a great time". LOL

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